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Build Your Own Aquafarm Today

All you need is some land or space, Aquafarm India will take care of Everything. World 1st Commercial Urban Aquaculture platform. making affordable to everyone. Start your career with us.

Indias 1st Completely Automated Aquaculture

Our Advanced Technology makes Aquaculture so simple, From filtration, to Feed Dispensing Everything is monitored and commanded by our software. if any problem arises in the culture the sensor data directly sent to the farmer and company. our consultant will assist you until the issue resolved.

Relax It's Farming From Home
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Aquafarm India Runs By Internet Of things. just ask your Google assistant or Alexa and Get your Tanks condition, Oxygen Levels, Ph levels, Temperature, Ammonia & Nitrates levels, plankton count Etc..,

control your plant with the Aquafarm India app. Aquafarm India also sends additional data to Google to show your harvest to the best retailers or exporters, when a perfect retailer meets the perfect manufacturer the business boosts up.

Single-time investment for risk-free farming.

Unlike Traditional Aquaculture Farms, Aquafarm India is 100% RisK-free from climatic prone. there will no kind of capital expenses from the 2nd year unless there is no expansion plan. we provide you different types of culture training and workshops to grow different kinds of fish, shrimp, crab etc.., we also provide operational service which is 60% less chargeable when compared to traditional aquaculture.

What do We Provide?


All the advanced Equipment including installation and One-year Maintenance.  1st ever IOT aquafarm.

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Automated and Semi Automated switching with basic IOT. 6 Months Maintainance and Training.

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Advanced Aquaponics system, completely run by our software or with custom raspburry pie coding. Get extra revenue from the green harvest. 

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we provide diagnose and service in weekdays, our coustmer service will assist you every time. Aquafarm India also provide subsriptional Marketing plans.

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Costing & Requirements For Franchise

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